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Bon Voyage '21

New Year's Eve, 2021. Jake, my boyfriend, has COVID, and I am about to get ready for work at the Golf Club to bartend. I am housesitting for a friend/ member at the Golf Club, taking care of their adorable Doodle dog, Penny. I have been working on a portrait of her as a gift to give them when they come home from their holiday adventures. This year went by incredibly quickly. I was focused primarily on school and Jake. To be honest, my painting was a back seat priority this year. I was happy to finally have found a lover that made me feel amazing about myself and about life in general. College was overwhelming as well, as I had never taken more than one class at a time since high school. I'm 26. I'm going to be taking 13 units in Spring semester, which starts in about 3 weeks. I'll be reaching for an associate's degree in Studio Arts, which I'll use to open an art school/ program for children with disabilities and difficult circumstances. I have a long way to go, and I may be doing things in the wrong order, but I'm trying to keep moving forward. Even when the daily tasks feel mundane and impossible. 2022 Goals: Pass all classes. Paint a lot! -Explore more surfaces -Paint a mural -Paint people Post paintings here, on the website Experience living with Jake Adventure out of state Be Happy Cheers!

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